First Page $250.00
  Following Pages at $45.00 per hour
  Original and Enhanced Graphics at  $45.00 per hour
  Text and Content Composition at $45.00 per hour
  Research variable
  Posting and Maintenance at $45.00 per hour

We encourage you to show us a few pages on the Internet that you find appealing, so that we can see and discuss what you have in mind. Everything you can do to inform us on your likes and dislikes will save time and effort.

One Web Page project we are passionate about is our Senior Servers pages. These are small pages that allow you to access the internet on a portal page that has all the links you like to have at your disposal, rather than a noisy, busy portal page, such as or Our Senior Servers Portal Pages are primarily geared as an adjunct to the computer you are giving Mom and Dad so they can e-mail you with ease. With our Senior Servers page in place on MicaWeb, or on their personal dial-up space, they can begin dialing on to the internet, going to a portal page that contains your photo as a link to open an e-mail letter to you, and personal links of interest to them. We can also make up a Personal Portal Page for you - even if you're not a Senior!

The more original text and content you include in your site, the larger the number of people that will see it. Original content is what brings links to your site. The more links to your site the higher you'll place in the search engines. There are some other things that help the search engines to find you, and they will be included and customized to each page we design for you. Don't worry about how much space your site takes up on the hosting computer when you think about adding more text or more graphics. As a practical concern, unless you have a huge catalog-type site, or huge numbers of photos, you won't be likely to exceed the basic allocation of storage on the host computer. If you do exceed it, they usually prorate extra space for you. And, if you exceed the allowed traffic to your page --- well, you'll gladly pay for that, since that's what this is all about, right?

The biggest variable in your website will be whether or not we need to do research, creative writing, transcription, and spell-checking. These operations take much more time than actual web page coding. Every time you send us your proof-read text by email, and every pertinent link you can provide us with will mean less time in our coding process and less money for you to pay! While some times it is adequate to work with a graphic sent by email, other times, especially if the photo us somewhat unclear, it will work better if we scan it here, so that adequate resolution for enhancment can be used. PLEASE! Do not send us any graphics until you have checked with us for the resolution, etc, we want you to use, and do not send such large files, or so many in one e-mail, that they clog our mailbox. If we receive a graphic we can't work with, we'll let you know so that you can mail us the original and we can scan it here. We'll send your photos right back to you.

We don't quote prices by the page, as you will have noted above. The reason for this is that it is better, for many reasons, to have several pages instead of just one long one. Since we will be designing you a graphics suite, once we have finished that on your first page, we will be able to use more or less of that on following pages. Also, once we've set up the tables, headers, footers and search engine information on the first page, we will re-use it, with minor modifications for each page in search parameters and title, and so the time to develop several short pages is not appreciable longer than for one longer one. We charge by the hour for all these other services

We can post your website to your own dial-up space, or we can assist you in setting up your own domain name. We can also host you on MicaWeb on a yearly basis. We're not in the hosting business, per se, but we can help you work out the best option for you. One caution; if you use your personal webspace that comes with your dial-up account, if or when you change dial-up providers, all links that have been installed referring to your website will no longer be valid. This is the best reason for obtaining your own domain name.

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